The Club and it’s coaches have followed Government and British Cycling guidelines to ensure
sessions are delivered safely and in line with the recommended COVID-19 measures.

• Initially sessions will be open to current Merton Saints Club Members only

• If spaces remain available prior to a session they will be offered to non-members (£7)

• Sessions will be limited to 8 riders + 1 coach and will be for 1 hour

There will be a 20 minute interval between sessions so there should be no overlap with attendees

There will be limited bike hire for the Beginner/Intermediate sessions for a charge of £2 The bikes will be wiped down before and after use by the Coach

• Sessions are split into ability levels Beginner / Intermediate / Expert. The coaches will review
ahead of the session, if you are not sure what session you should join, please contact the
coaches, Adam Buday or Paulus Graham to check or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

• All sessions must be pre booked here:

£5 per session members, £7 non-members, £2 bike hire, please add the rider’s name as a reference

• Once booked, you will receive a confirmation email
• If you have not made payment by 12pm the day before the session, your slot will be cancelled
and offered to someone else NO PAYMENT NO SESSION
• Cancellation – if you need to cancel a session please email the Club. If it is less than 24 hours
before the session it is at the Club’s discretion if the fee for the session is reimbursed
• Cancellation – if a rider (or anyone in their household) is showing signs or has symptoms of
COVID-19 after booking, please notify the Club and a full refund will be given
• If the club cancel a session due to weather conditions, a full refund will be issued
• You must declare any medical conditions that might make you more susceptible to COVID-19 by
emailing the Club once you have made a booking This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Before booking and attending a session, you must have read and understand the following
guidelines. It’s vital for all riders and parents to follow these guidelines in order for us to
operate safely and to further prevent the spread of Coronavirus:

• Riders and parents / guardians confirm that they (or anyone in their household) have no symptoms of
COVID-19 and are not in the vulnerable category and have not been asked to remain at home by the UK
Government track and trace system
• At this time we are unable to lend Club bikes or equipment – all riders must bring all of their own. Riders
must wear full-face helmets, gloves and suitable clothing. If a rider turns up without any of these they will not
be able to participate in the session
• Riders and parents / guardians must arrive max. 10 minutes before your session. If riders are more than 10
minutes late they may not be able to join the session. The Coach / Club decision is final on the this. You
must leave the site immediately after the session
• We will have a limit on 5 cars allowed in the car park at anytime. Please park considerately and leave plenty
of space between cars to ensure social distancing guidelines are met
• Only one parent / guardian to accompany each rider (no siblings where possible, please). Wait in the car or
maintain social distancing from other parents when watching. You will not be able to stand on the top
container outdoor decking and the club will not provide outdoor seating but you are able to bring you own
• All riders will receive a briefing by the Coach at the start of each session to let them know what is expected
of them and how they should conduct themselves during the session
• Access to the start hill will be via every other pen to avoid any congestion – do not wait on the start hill or
any other areas of the track unless instructed to by the Coach
• All riders must bring their own labelled water bottle, there will be a designated area given to each rider where
they which must be placed along with any possessions if you do not have a car to leave them in. The water
hose and tap will not be available to use
• All riders should also bring a named bottle of hand sanitizer for personal use if possible. There will also be
hand sanitizer on site. Please wash your hands before coming to the track and as soon as you get home
• Riders must arrive changed and ready to ride. There is to be no changing on site. When entering the start hill
all riders must have their gloves and helmets on at all times
• If you come by car please leave all of your possessions in the vehicle and not on site. If you do not come by
car please make sure you leave your possessions in your marked area
• It is parents/guardians responsibility to ensure younger riders maintain social distancing off the track
• There will be a portaloo on site for limited use. If you really need to use it please ensure you wipe down all
the inside surfaces with disinfectant spray before and after each use and throw all wipes and tissues straight
into the bin provided
• We will have first aid available at the track but parents / guardians and riders are asked to administer minor
first aid, such as small cuts and bruises. Please bring a small first aid kit with you with including antiseptic
wipes and plasters. The coaches will be there to provide first aid (with PPE) for more serious cases
• Please take all your rubbish home with you, DO NOT leave any waste at the track, thank you

*SANCTIONS* Riders and parents who do not follow these guidelines and/or coaching
instructions will be issued with one verbal warning. After a second warning parent / guardians
will be spoken to, for any further breaches you will be asked to leave the track immediately
and it will then be at the Club’s discretion if you able to attend further sessions.

If you have any further questions please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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