Self-awareness: respect for others: resilience: discipline

Providing BMX bike training and boxing training to young people aged 8-18 at risk of exclusion, at risk of offending or known to local social services within the boroughs of Merton and Croydon. Currently Find Yuh Flow works in partnership with Merton Saints BMX Club, Bonny Downs Community Organisation and Fight For Change in Lambeth


‘FIND YUH-FLOW’ (find your flow) provides an intervention which can support the work of social services as well as primary, secondary and further education institutions. Our aim is to create an alternative learning environment, which is learning by doing. The key principles that each young person will learn are those which teach them new skills and expose them to new ways of thinking and doing, within a safe nurturing environment. Participating in physical activity has great benefits, which include improved physical and mental wellbeing and alertness, learning specific sport skills, developing discipline, working with others and goal setting.
One of the much discussed agendas by The Mayor of London is youth crime. Child poverty is intertwined with the complexities and results of poverty. In 2018 The ‘Safer Together’ violent crime summit emphasised the need for collaborative working, with a multi-agency approach, youth organisations, councils, schools and social work teams all play a part of helping to support young people who may be at risk and to provide them with tools and spaces that take them away from potentially detrimental pathways.


The aim is to deliver a structured 6 week programme which is focused on developing key skills:
Increasing physical flexibility: agility: Improve strength: control: improve cardio fitness: discipline: With existing partnerships in place and access to facilities, we would like to widen our scope to offer a 6 week programme to young people who have been identified as at risk or exclusion from school or those who are known to social services, where they may be living within a family who are experiencing difficulties.  Working with these young people at this key stage will provide support which will allow them to meet new people, distract from what may be happening at home or school and also give them a sense of achievement. The programme is designed to work on increasing confidence, respect for others, team working and developing skills. At the end of the 6 week each participant will be given a certificate of completion, which recognises their commitment.
Each session runs for 1 hour and is structured. All levels of ability can take part and the instructor will adapt accordingly, so that each feels that they can manage. All Equipment and safety wear will be provided and rule of behaviour and conduct will be explained at the beginning of the programme and at necessary intervals

Findyuhflow Founder Paulus Graham

Find Yuh Flow was founded in 2016 by Paulus Graham who has a background in amateur boxing and BMX bike instructing. Hi career trajectory has involved studying psychology and criminology and he has always felt a sense of responsibility to use his skills and passion to help other young people, as he is only too aware of many of the pitfalls and pressure that young people face. Paulus has a track record of delivering training to young people in sport activities. He has previously been a sailing coach at Wimbledon Water Sports Park and a Head Coach at Merton BMX track. His commitment to nurturing young people also includes almost 4 years of youth work, including mentoring for NCS (National Citizens Service) and St Mungos.
 ‘It’s important that each young person leaves the session feeling more positive about themselves and their abilities than when they first arrive at the session’


Paulus delivers each session and has an assistant where necessary. Participants may be accompanied by parents or carers His approach is one where he quickly gets each participant involved by interacting and asking questions and explaining health and safety rules. Gaining the trust of each participant and giving guidance, reassurance and commendation is essential in increasing confidence.
As outlined, there is a real need to give young people access to structured physical activities, which both increases levels of fitness and also mental wellbeing. We aim to provide an extra level of support to your existing services and partnership to achieve positive outcomes for the young people.  Primarily we work in the borough of Merton and
We would be happy to offer a free taster session for any young people identified, who may benefit from this kind of activity. We also welcome alternative arrangements of collaboration and would be open to discussion
We look forward to working with you.

Why not host a BMX event at the track - birthday parties, corporate events, clubs and society outings, etc. -

The track, equipment and coaches can be booked for private sessions of 1 to 4 hours.

Our standard packages:

  • 1 hour with a qualified BMX coach, for up to 16 riders inc. Bikes and safety gear
  • 2 hours for 16 riders with 1 hour coaching and 1 hour free ride, inc. Bikes and safety gear
  • Private sessions for experienced riders only, exclusive use of track and gate for 2 hours

Please contact us for price and availability

Coaches can be hired for one to one or private session

  • one to one - price on enquiry
  • one coach (16 riders max)

School holidays, club and taster sessions, should be booked here.

For all bookings email the club: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What is BMX?

BMX racing has been an organised sport with a governing body in this country since the early 1980s. There are currently over 30 affiliated BMX clubs in the UK alone. BMX racing became an Olympic sport in 2008.

The national governing body for BMX racing in the UK is British Cycling cycling. They host the BMX National Series at various tracks around the country and also the annual British BMX Championships. BMX racing in the UK is a family sport that is open to all ages (the national BMX series has 28 age-group categories from 6-and-under to 50+++!).

BMX races are held on an off-road track. Typically around 300-400 metres in length, with a maximum of 8 riders in a race. The start gate is usually on a slope descending into a series of jumps and banked turns (Berms). Races (called Motos) last for one lap, first across the line wins.

Most areas of the country hold regional races, where a rider can enter as a beginner in a Novice class and work his or her way up to Expert when they feel they have gained enough experience. Clubs also run local races with the same structure. A very big plus for those new to the sport in the novice classes is getting the opportunity to win a medal or trophy at every race!

Always take things slowly at first, walk the track without your bike to get a close look at the layout of the jumps and berms. Watch how the experienced riders take the jumps, berms and lines around the track. Use club practice/training and track sessions to gain knowledge of the track and give you more confidence.

The start is the most important part of a BMX race and you need to practice the gate sequence and timing. If you get a bad start you will find it harder, and have to fight your way up through the pack…not ideal. Most top riders work on their starts more than any other aspect of racing.

Remember that there is a gradual progression when starting BMX racing, and getting to no. 1 is not going to happen overnight.

Safety and rules

BMX racing is an exciting and extreme sport, but it can be dangerous if you do not follow some basics safety rules.

  • Replace any worn or broken equipment on your bike before riding
  • Always wear your safety equipment at all time while riding the race track
  • When racing, always have a full set of pads on your bike
  • Be aware of other riders around you on the race track
  • Always ride the correct way round the race track
  • Take your time and do not attempt difficult jumps until you feel ready
  • Leave your riding area clean and tidy. Take your rubbish home with you.

Like all sports, practice and training to become a competent rider takes time. Your local BMX club can give you all the training, advice and encouragement you need to get you started.

Merton Saints BMX track is at:

St. Mark's

Acacia Road

Mitcham Eastfields CR4 1SF


About Us

Merton Saints BMX was founded in 2011. We are a small, friendly community of riders, supporters and enthusiasts.

Our shared passion is for BMX racing and we participate in competitions up and down the country.

We welcome new riders of all abilities every week to our Coached and Pay 'n Play sessions. 

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